There were tears after YoonA and Lee Hyori say goodbye in ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2’

Samantha Diaz, May 14, 2018, 9:46 a.m.

The second last episode of the popular show ‘Hyori’s bed and Breakfast’ was aired recently and there were emotional moments that happened. The show consists of 16 episodes but the 16th episode would be kept for behind the scenes videos. This means the episode that had aired was the final episode of all the members working together.YoonA had to bid her goodbyes as she leaves the show, working with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon.

They had spent a lot of time together and had grown comfortable with one another. In a surprise, YoonA had created a drawing of her costars and their pets all in the house with them. It was very touching to YoonA, which to her surprise, they gave her a gift too. It was a MV of YoonA that they had spliced together. It was a long process of creating the MV so the amount of effort was even more heartfelt.

Lee Hyori commented that she knew they were not going to last forever so the MV was a way to remember all the good about YoonA and this was the best way acknowledge her. When the video was shown, both Hyori and YoonA were in slight tears.

The chemistry between the entire cast was sweet and relatable. Take a look at the clips of the interaction below.

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