These jellies are taking over the Instagrams of sweet-toothed trendsetters!

Songee Kim, Oct. 25, 2016, 2:47 p.m.

If you keep up with all the latest, trendy snacks, then you've probably seen a lot of these Lotte 'Yogurt Jelly' packages plastered all over Instagram. The 'gram-worthy packaged goods are just too cute to pass up on a photo op, and they're almost too adorable to eat - but you will anyway, because they're DELICIOUS.

It seems that sweet-toothed Koreans are naturally inclined to like chewy, jelly snacks that they simply refer to as 'jellies', while we Americans refer to them as 'gummies'. Putting a spin on a classic drink enjoyed by many South Koreans since their youth, 'Yogurt' has taken on a new identity in the form of a sugar-coated candy!

And as if jelly-lovers weren't already scrambling to their nearest convenience store to grab a bag, or few, Lotte also offers more of their popular products in the form of jelly, such as their Watermelon Bar, Chilsung Cider, and even their Kkokkal Corn chips - yes, they have corn chip flavored jellies, and jelly aficionados swear they taste better than they sound!

Which Lotte jelly would you like to try first?

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