These Male Idols are WAY Too Underappreciated

Katherine Chu, Oct. 9, 2015, 4:45 p.m.

Being in an idol group amongst a sea of other members can make it difficult for an individual to stand out. Despite one's talents, looks, and potential, it doesn't seem that their honest value equates to the amount of popularity they garner. Sometimes, I look at these members and my heart breaks, seeing how much potential is being wasted!

That's why I've compiled a list of my top four underrated and underappreciated male idol group members! Give them some love, dang it!

1. BTS - Jin

Okay, first of all, can we talk about how beautiful this guy is? He's undeniably the perfect combination of cute and handsome. He has big almond-shaped eyes you could just fall into, full, plush lips, and a smile to die for! Don't even get me started on his broad shoulders and his cooking. *faints*

Jin is more than just good looks though. Although he holds the position of the "visual" in BTS, Jin has proven that he's much more than a handsome face. Even though Jin is considered the weakest dancer in the group, the guy has improved immensely since his debut, plus it's obvious how much work and effort he puts in to keep up with his fellow members. Jin was originally studying to be an actor, a hidden skill that he's yet to fully explore (I literally lose sleep wondering when this guy is going to get offered a drama role. Seriously, have you seen his acting in some of the music videos as well as a couple of their variety shows?), yet he can still dance and sing WAY more than just decently. Jin's a fully loaded triple threat, but he doesn't get anywhere near half the credit or love he deserves. Not only that, Jin is the mother/big brother of the group. He genuinely loves and looks out for his other members, constantly putting their well-being ahead of his own.

Good looking, talented, cooks and eats well (A/N: Watch some of his 'Eat Jin' videos), AND caring - what is there not to love?!

I'm just gonna leave that there.

2. EXO - Chen

Some may argue with me on this, but I don't think Chen gets as much as love as he should. I was torn deciding between Chen and Xiumin, but ultimately went with Chen because it bothers me that this guy doesn't get more solo tracks. EXO as a whole is extremely popular and is widely known across the globe as one of the most famous K-pop groups of this generation. It's also a known fact that EXO-M is the less popular of the two EXO sub-units. However, overall, amongst the Chanyeols, Sehuns, and Kais - don't get me wrong, I'm actually a huge Chanyeol fan - Chen is overlooked way too many times. I feel like Chen's vocals are getting a little more recognition now, with his recent casting in a musical and his award-winning 'It's Okay That's Love' OST track 'Best Luck', but still, Chen gets disregarded in many aspects.

By the way, have I mentioned how sweet this guy is? I'm a sucker for sweet natured guys, so you can just imagine how much I swooned over his small acts of kindness on various variety shows (i.e., EXO's 'Showtime' when he distributed all his hot packs to the monsters at the haunted house in episode 10 - #butwherewasChanyeolandKaispart)

3. INFINITE - Dongwoo

INFINITE is definitely one of those groups that really had to grind and work hard to get to where they are now (aside from BTS on this list) but it seems member and main rapper Dongwoo can't seem to get enough attention! Unfortunately, Dongwoo seems to get overshadowed by the other members like L who's known for his incredible visuals (hubba hubba) and Sunggyu for his unique voice (A/N: You have not lived until you've heard his two solo albums 'Another Me' and '27') and variety show skills. What I love about Dongwoo is not only his amazingly deep voice and incredible dance skills, but he's so honest and a total sweetheart. I've seen Dongwoo talk about his first kiss, cry uncontrollably, post pictures and videos of his adorable new-born niece, and even fart on TV! Dongwoo is so talented, but he's also so down-to-earth and honest about who he is as a person.

Celebrities can seem very far-off and cold, and at many times, they can seem very fake. However, I believe Dongwoo allows fans to see the real him, without all the bells and whistles. After all, if you can't relate to an artist, how can you expect to understand their work? Make sure to check out his featuring in Ami's recent release 'Hurts Down to My Bones' alongside B1A4's rapper Baro. His voice literally gives me chills.

4. BIGBANG - Seungri

Oh my goodness, please do not get me started on Seungri. I'm not necessarily a huge Seungri fan, but I can recognize when talent is being wasted - or rather, ignored. I get it - BIGBANG already has some big personalities and extremely talented, successful members that are hard to beat. But, seriously, have you guys heard Seungri's solo track 'Strong Baby' and his EP 'Let's Talk About Love'? Those were some solid solo projects, and although successful in their own right, definitely did not meet the par for success compared to fellow members' Taeyang, GD, and TOP's solos/collaborations.

He can't even get the title of "the funny one" in the group because Daesung is already so darn hilarious and outgoing. That doesn't mean Seungri doesn't try though. I recently went to the BIGBANG concert in Anaheim, and this guy really puts in a lot of effort. I was amazed at how well he played the crowd, but Seungri is too talented to just pass off as the group's hype man.

Who do you think is a male idol that's underrated? Let us know!

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