Three Stars Visit the Chosun Dynasty with Period Drama

Ben Cho, March 1, 2018, 8:55 a.m.

The leads of a new TV series on TV Chosun expressed their excitement on Tuesday just ahead of its start this weekend. The epic drama revolves around two royal princes who struggle to grab power and win the heart of a woman. It is inspired by historic stories about King Sejong’s two sons during the Chosun Dynasty.

Actress Jin Se-yeon plays the love interest of the princes. "She is a beautiful, brave woman who fights against injustice," Jin said of her character. "I like the character because she has a personality very similar to mine in real life."

"Although set in ancient times, I think young people can also enjoy it very much as it deals with universal human feelings," she added. Joo Sang-wook plays the role of ambitious Prince Lee Kang, who tries to win both power and love. To prepare for the role, Joo has learned and practiced horseback riding hard as the riding scenes demonstrate the character’s bold charisma.

"My character looks tough and strong, but I think he is the loneliest character in the series and craves affection and acknowledgment from others," Joo said.

Yoon Si-yoon takes the role of gentle Prince Lee Whi. In contrast to Joo's character, he is a man of letters, rather than arms, and has great talents in poetry, painting, calligraphy and music. "I love period dramas as they take us into a wider world of imagination," Yoon said. 

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