TIME Reveals Most Searched Hallyu Star in 2015

Hyo Jin Lee, Dec. 27, 2015, 11:16 a.m.

TIME Magazine has revealed the most Googled person in each country this year with rankings provided by Google. Actress Lee Tae Im was the most searched person in South Korea this year.  However, the results for one of Korea’s most popular search engines Naver provided different results. Naver revealed that their most-searched person of 2015 was AOA’s Seolhyun.

Last March, the actress was accused of yelling and cursing at Yewon for speaking informally. However, Yewon’s agency denied that she spoke informal speech which led to a lot of hate directed toward Lee Tae Im. The actress apologized but was unable to avoid the backlash. Later, a video of the incident revealed that Yewon did indeed speak informally. Then Yewon received the heat and had to apologize as well. Since then, Yewon is still avoiding the spotlight while Lee Tae Im has made a return to the industry.

Lee Tae Im is a South Korean actress. She played the leading role in the television drama Don't Hesitate (2009), as well as supporting roles in the films Days of Wrath (2013) and For the Emperor (2014)

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