Tony An Discusses H.O.T Being Pressured to Make Their Comeback

Nicholas Kim, July 1, 2016, 9:07 a.m.

During the June 30th broadcast of “Happy Together”, Tony An discussed the pressure that he felt nowadays to make a comeback with H.O.T, especially now that 90’s group Sechskies has made their comeback. Tony said, "In truth, we've talked about [a comeback] before Sechskies have. The pressure on us was great because Sechskies is now making comeback. But opinions were divided on how and through which channel we would make a comeback." 


Song Jae Hee was also a guest for the episode, and he stated, "Since Sechskies made a comeback through 'Infinity Challenge,' perhaps H.O.T should make a comeback through '1 Night 2 Days.'" 

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