Top Secret Member Kyungha To Take Legal Action Against Sexual Assault Rumors

Hyo Kyung Kim, Jan. 12, 2017, 8:33 a.m.

Rumors of a sexual assault surrounding Top Secret member Kyungha have been circulating online.  According to a recent report by Allkpop, a post by a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted by Kyungha in the past roamed various online communities and started to expand into malicious rumors. In response, Kyungha's label, JSL Company, officially announced on January 12 that it would take strong legal actions. 

The official announcement is as follows:

"Hello. This is JSL Compay. First, we appreciate all the fans who are giving their love and support to Top Secret. We're here to reveal that the sexual assault rumors regarding Top Secret's Kyungha currently spreading online are completely false. 

Our artist, who is a member of Top Secret, suddenly gained attention right after his debut as the look-alike of the female lead in the drama 'Goblin'. As an idol who stands in front of the public, we believed that malicious comments are an aspect that we need to accept to a certain degree. However, we judged that the excessive amount of false information and malicious rumors can be both physically and mentally harmful to young Kyungha, his members and family, the label, as well as the loving fans of Top Secret.

From now on, we are going to take strong legal actions against malicious rumors, false information, and statements intruding the rights and defaming the character of Top Secret's Kyungha as well as other artists under our label. We once again apologize for causing concerns to the loving fans of Top Secret, due to a disgraceful incident. We'll become a Top Secret who works even harder from now on."

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