Top star Lee Jong Suk films a kiss-scene with Min

Su Jin Jang, Dec. 27, 2016, 10:14 a.m.

In the seventh episode of the web drama “Seven First Kisses,” top Hallyu star Lee Jong-suk falls for the ordinary Lotte Duty Free employee, Min Soo-jin, played by Lee Cho-hee. The episode, which aired on the V app Monday, kicked off with Min filming a commercial with top Hallyu star Lee Jong-suk, after she was luckily chosen to be the employee to star in the commercial with Lee.

Min was extremely nervous and kept making mistakes, which upset the director. After countless retakes, the director opted for a change in employees but Lee intervened and suggested they take a break. Lee took Min aside and told her that they needed to get friendlier in order to film the commercial. 

When they resumed filming, Min was far more calm and natural, earning the approval of the director. The director then told Lee that they needed to film a kiss scene, and Lee agreed. 

Mid-way into filming the kiss scene, Min wakes up at her help desk with a disappointed look. Fortunately, the angel who granted her wish, played by Choi Ji-woo, appeared and told Min that she can pick one of the men she went on a date with.

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