Topp Dogg Releases Comedy Music Drama Clips for “Runaway” and “O.A.S.I.S”

Guster Moon, Dec. 14, 2015, 10:48 a.m.

Topp Dogg has just released a very special video for their newest project, showing P-Goon as a stalker, B-joo as a dorky girl, and Hojoon wearing a mini-skirt! Topp Dogg released some music drama videos for the tracks “Runaway” and “O.A.S.I.S”, where P-Goon follows around Hojoon and gets beat up by Hojoon’s “boyfriend”, all while B-joo gets bugged by a bunch of bullies.


Topp Dogg is a 10-member hip-hop boy group from South Korea formed by Cho PD under Stardom Entertainment in 2013. Since debut, Topp Dogg have released 6 albums (including repackages) and 1 single. They have held showcases in Japan, Malaysia, U.S, Brazil, and Europe.

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