T.O.P's first photobook's special edition sells out after 30 minutes of pre-order

LrgnnChrg, March 27, 2014, 11:16 a.m.

The special edition of T.O.P's very first solo photobook '1st PICTORIAL RECORDS 'FROM TOP' has been sold out in just 30 minutes after pre-order became availble on March 26th. ALL of 999 copies of the pictorial book containing 100pages of photos of T.O.P by photographer Hong Jang Hyun is sold out!!!

As the special edition is now sold out, fans who missed out will have to get a hold of the regular edition, which will be out for pre-order starting on April 1 to 8! The official release of this 400-page pictorial and video clip will be on April 9.

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