Toxic Haze from China Smothers South Korea

Michael Song, Dec. 22, 2015, 9:05 a.m.

The onslaught of thick smog from China has begun once again. The toxic haze started moving downwind from Beijing to the West Sea on Monday afternoon, the Environment Ministry said, and almost all of Korea is expected to come under its influence on Tuesday.

The air quality will worsen across the country until Wednesday as fine particles have accumulated over the past few days due to air stagnation. In Seoul and most western parts the air quality will be very bad with more than 151㎍/㎥ of fine particles and more than 101㎍/㎥ of ultrafine particles. Beijing suffered a smog alert of 200㎍/㎥ of ultrafine particles for more than three days twice this month, on Dec. 7 and 18. 


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