Trainees From ‘Produce 101’ Are Restricted Of Food And Bathroom Use!?

Elizabeth Rhee, March 21, 2017, 10:18 a.m.

HOLD UP! It was recently reported that some of the male trainees from ‘Produce 101’ are being harshly discriminated against, forbidden from accessing the basic necessities such as meager food and hygienic use. Just like the previous season of ‘Produce 101’, the male trainees are given a letter grade which range from grades such as A – F in contrast to their abilities and talents. However, these boys are being EXTREMELY targeted against! The boys from the lower tier or grades are receiving different food compared to the upper tier and are also being restricted of bathroom use!

A handful of labels have started complaining on the treatment of their trainees. The upper tier boys are the first ones to receive food, which is very limited in the likes of side dishes, while the lower tier boys are left with just rice. Because the boys are grouped in order of their grades, the lower tier boys can’t even use the restroom when they want.

Labels have argued that even if they were to file a written complaint against the show, they aren’t because that will only harm the image of their trainee.

On the other hand, Mnet has revealed that this is because there are so many of the trainees and they are trying to move them as a group. Mnet assured to the viewers that there is nothing to worry about.

These trainees are being restricted of their basic necessities!

What do you think of this circumstance? 

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