Travelers Only Need Half the Money to Vacation in South Korea over Japan

D-Bo , Sept. 14, 2015, 8:15 a.m.

The amount of money needed for a trip in Seoul is the sixth-highest among 11 major cities in Asia, accounting for only half of the cost needed for a journey to Tokyo, data showed Sunday. Travelers need to spend approximately 333,000 won (US$280) each day for a stay in Seoul, compared with an average 675,304 won for a day in Tokyo, according to the data compiled by online travel booking site Expedia.

Other cities in the analysis were Bangkok, Hanoi, Taipei, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong. The cost per day includes a one-night stay at a five-star hotel, taxi fare, three meals and two pints of beer. Bali at 480,395 won per day was more expensive compared with the country’s capital, as well as Osaka at 428,997 won and Hong Kong at 370,390 won. Hanoi is a suitable destination for budget travelers, with the daily travel expense averaging 134,561 won, the data showed.


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