Treat Your Eyes with These 15 Aesthetically Pleasing Music Videos!

Katherine Chu, Jan. 22, 2016, 11:59 a.m.

K-pop music videos are widely recognized for its vivid colors, eye-catching sceneries, and its overall explosive visual appeal! It seems that Korean music videos just can't be beat when it comes to its pops of colors and tantalizing eye candy, whether its through the artists, their outfits, or the beautiful backdrops.

We've rounded up some of our favorite aesthetically pleasing MVs that'll have give your eyes a colorful treat!

1. Kisum Ft. Jooyoung - You & Me

2. BTS - Run

3. Taeyeon Ft. Verbal Jint - I

4. San E Ft. Baek Yerin - Me You

5. PRIMARY Ft. Lena Park - Hello

6. Yu Seungwoo - You're Beautiful

7. Seventeen Ft. Ailee - Q&A

8. Lim Kim - Awoo

9. Kyuhyun - A Million Pieces

10. Park Kyung Ft. Park Boram - Ordinary Love

11. Zico Ft. Babylon - Boys and Girls

12. Lovelyz - Ah Choo

13. Wonder Girls - I Feel You

14. BIGBANG - Let's Not Fall in Love

15. Baek Yerin - Across the Universe

Which MV was your favorite?
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