[TV/MOVIE] Friend 2 – Korean Movie

D-Bo, Nov. 15, 2013, 2:01 p.m.

A sequel to the popular Korean movie from 2001 Friend has been released, called Friend 2.  It is a drama action film directed by Kwak Kyung Taek and stars Yoo Oh Sung, Joo Jin Mo, and Kim Woo Bin. 

The movie portrays childhood friends Jun-seok and Dong-su are members of two different gangs. The two gangs are involved in a power struggle, and Dong-su is murdered by a member in Jun-seok's gang. Although Jun-seok has nothing to do with Dong-su's death, he claims responsibility for his friend's death and serves an 18-year-sentence. Meanwhile, Dong-su's son Seong-hun grows up and also joins a gang. He spends time in prison where he meets Jun-seok. Unaware of the fact that Jun-seok is connected to his father's death, he starts to feel both admiration and jealousy towards charismatic Jun-seok. Upon his release from prison, Jun-seok takes in Seong-hun as his right hand in order to reclaim his power. However, the table is turned when Seong-hun finds out that Jun-seok has something to do with his father's death.

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