'Heirs' final look behind-the-scene photos & messages to fans

Jimmy Pak, Dec. 16, 2013, 11:10 a.m.

‘Heirs’ newly released behind-the-scene photos and additional messages of thanks from the cast have been driving fans crazy this holiday season.  The cast had shared various messages to their fans. 


Krystal shared, "Hello. It's 'Heirs' Lee Bo Na, Krystal. I'm so disappointed that it's already the final broadcast today. I just started to get closer and gain affection for my unni and oppa co-stars and staff, so it feels very regretful that we will be going our separate ways. Everyone worked so hard, and thank you fans as well. I will greet you through another good production next time! Thank you for loving 'Heirs' and Bo Na. Please watch the finale of 'Heirs' today."


Hyungsik tweeted, "All of the staff and actor sunbaenims of 'Heirs' worked hard! I always felt good on my way to the bright set and enjoyed my time filming. Lastly, don't forget Myung Soo! Dehet."

Kim Ji Won posted a me2day joke with, "Today was Hyo Shin and Rachel's final filming. But for us, starting today is day 1?"  Kim Ji Won also added a photo of her and Kang Ha Neul holding hands together. 

Choi Jin Hyuk shared, "The time has already come for me to say goodbye to Kim Won, who shines like his name... It was an honor and a happy time to spend it with a cool character in 2013... Thanks to the awesome sunbae and hoobae actors, I was able to have a very, very fun and happy time while filming through our perfect teamwork... I will miss these times a lot. I sincerely thank everyone who showed their love for 'Heirs' and Kim Won."


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