[TV/MOVIE] Lee Jong Suk agrees with critics on acting ability

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 25, 2013, 12:12 p.m.

Lee Jong Suk recently sat down for an interview after a modeling shoot for ‘@star1 fashion magazine’.  During this interview, Lee expressed, "I always check news articles about me and search my name on portal sites."

Lee Jong Suk said, “Whether there is criticism through criticizing news articles or malicious internet comments, I feel the same way.  The way those people see it is similar to the way I feel . . . If I watch through the audience eyes, I see a lot of parts that are lacking.  As I am not yet fully developed, I am in the progress of fixing things.  I don't feel hurt by the malicious comments."

Lee starred in popular dramas such as ‘School 2013’, ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and many feature films as well.  Lee also followed up with, "I am realizing that people are expecting more and more from me.  If you look at my filmography thoroughly, my acting career is short, but I think that I have advanced in a calm and orderly way.  There are some burdensome parts, but it feels like the productions are neatly piling up well."

Be on the lookout for @Star1’s full November issue and full length interview.  

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