[TV/MOVIE] Lee Joon and Park Jin Hee Set to star in Korean movie ‘Botox’

D-Bo, Oct. 30, 2013, 4:06 p.m.

Lee Joon, a member of K pop group MBLAQ, has signed on to star in a new movie with actress Park Jin Hee titled, ‘Botox’.  This movie is the directing debut for Hwang Mi Na.  She is also the writer behind the movie’s script as well. 

The movie is based off of a web-toon series about the love between a woman in her 40’s and a man in his twenties.  Park Jin Hee will be playing Young Sook, a forty two year old aspiring writer and Lee Joon is to play Gun Ee, a twenty- one year old.   The plot plays out as the two develop a love interest for one another, which may be taboo due to their age differences.

Filming is expected to start in November for the film.  Stay tuned to www.koogle.tv for a candid review and preview of the movie.

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