Seven actresses deny involvement in celebrity prostitution scandal + more

Jimmy Pak, Dec. 18, 2013, 12:18 p.m.

Seven actresses were possibility involved in a celebrity prostitution ring including Lee Da Hae, Koyote's Shinji, Solbi, Hwang Soo Jung, Kim Sa Rang, Jang Mi In, and Sung Hyun Ah.  All seven actresses denied all involvement and allegations and are taking legal action against the perpetrator(s) involved in these malicious rumors.


Star M Korea, Lee Da Hae’s agency, stated "It is very unfortunate that [Lee Dae Hae] has been mentioned for alleged involvement in the celebrity prostitution scandal... We will take strong action against the perpetrator who spread these false rumors without proof in order to prevent these rumors from becoming something like established facts [to the public]... Because she is a celebrity, she endured incomprehensible, malicious rumors and attacks in the form of malevolent posts; we determined that the damage had become more serious after her real name was revealed so we decided that we could no longer overlook this."  Lee Da Hae’s legal team has already file an official complaint to the Seoul Supreme Prosecutors Office.  Kim Sa Rang shared, "Merely uploading posts of false stories that are not even reported in the media can cause great damage to actors, which in turn allows for strong legal action." on her me2day. 

Shinji’s representatives shared with Star News,"Shinji has no connection to this scandal and didn't undergo police investigation, but there are mentions of even the specific amounts of money in certain reports related to prostitution... Shinji is currently in a 'menboong' condition ('mental breakdown') upon hearing this rumor and her family is very worried about her... Shinji originally thought that if she kept quiet, this false rumor would die down, but the false rumor began to spread in various ways and became worse; she now feels determined to take strong [legal] action against the perpetrators and anyone else involved... We hope that many people don't get hurt by the spreading of the false rumor."

Solbi released a statement, "Hello. This is Solbi. I should greet you with good news first so I apologize and have a sorry heart that I have to greet you through this baffling incident. Through an acquaintance not long ago, I heard that my name was mentioned in the recent malicious rumor. As you may know already, this is not the first time that I received hurt due to a malicious rumor. In 2009, I received hurt from a rumor of an alleged video [of me] without evidence. Because of the mental shock and hurt, I ended up going on a hiatus due to depression. Although I felt another big sense of loss due to the new malicious rumor, I will not look on idly once again in relation to this repeated occurrence. Before I became the celebrity Solbi, I was a normal woman and a daughter in a family. My family and friends have suffered unimaginable pain due to the malicious rumor. I will have a stronger heart so I can protect my family. I will do everything in my power to stop the perpetrator who spread the malicious post. I'm currently promoting without an agency so it will not be easy for me to take action against the malicious rumors. I ask that you give me strength with your support."

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