[TV/MOVIE] The Top 5 Percent of Stars Took 60% of the Money at KBS

D-Bo, Oct. 24, 2013, 2:13 p.m.

In data released by KBS to Democratic Party lawmaker Jun Byun Hun, 60.3 percent of the W56.4 billion (US $1= W 1,137) were paid for appearances on entertainment programs from 2011 till present went to the top five percent.  During the same period, 56.2 percent of the W43.8 billion paid to actors for dramas went to the top five percent as well.  The average paid to the top five percent for entertainment shows was W60.68 million and for dramas, it was W131.56 million.  The bottom 20 percent were paid W130,000 and W110,000.

KBS has explained the primary reason for the imbalance is the demand of the top stars due to their growing popularity across Asia and other TV networks. 

MC Shin Dong Yeop was the highest paid entertainer at KBS last year.  Shin earned W609.5 million won.  He is best known for his role as the MC for the poplular weekend show “Immortal Songs 2”, and talk show “Hello Counselor”.  Second was Lee Su Geun with W595 million, followed by actor Lee Tae Gon at W522 million.  Comedian Lee Hwi Jae received W471 million, followed by actor Kam woo Sung. Also notable was comedian Yoo Jae Suk at W439 million.

MC Shin Dong Yeop was the highest paid by KBS

Lee Su Geun was the second highest paid by KBS

Actor Lee Tae Gon was the 3rd highest paid through KBS

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