[TV/MOVIES] Miss A's Fei is the new MC of ‘OLIVE SHOW’

Jimmy Pak, Sept. 25, 2013, 12:08 p.m.

Miss A’s Fei will be showcasing hot cooking skills as she becomes the new MC of O'live's 'O'live Show'!  Fei tweeted earlier on the 24th,” Meet you on 'Olive Show' at 9PM KST tonight~~ My first time as a host!! I ask that you support me a lot ^^♥."

photo credit: 1stlook.co.kr

Fei took a friendly snapshot with actress Yoo Ho Jung backstage.

The miss A member seems to be adjusting well to the show and cast. Fei previously WOW’d viewers with her cooking as a finalist on 'Master Chef Korea Celebrity'.  

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