TVXQ's Changmin Thanks SM Family Members in Thoughtful Handwritten Letter

Anna Park, Dec. 3, 2015, 9:01 a.m.

It looks like TVXQ's freshly enlisted member Changmin misses his fans just as much as they miss him! On December 3rd, the thoughtful singer uploaded a neat, handwritten letter sharing how he's been doing in the army and thanking his fellow SM family members for their love and support.

Changmin first starts off the letter with an introduction, presenting himself as "army recruit Changmin", then proceeding to say:

"I'm doing very well. I am close with those in my division and platoon, and the food fits my taste, so I'm eating extremely well! Leeteuk hyung who shyly folded a letter to me, Kangin hyung who generously teased me for being so anxious, my love Cho Kyu (Kyuhyun) who lacks manners, and Minho (SHINee) whom I love, who surprisingly had teary eyes, when even my family members didn't cry, and made me teary as well. My precious dongseng Xiumin Minseok, Baekhyun whom I personally have very high spirited expectations for, and my lovable dongseng Chen who touched me by visiting without telling me he was coming! After Minho, my Jongsuk hyung who made me into a one piece ace. And cutie Chanyeol who called me as soon as he returned from China. At this place, my Red Velvet friends are very popular, and it makes me really proud. And my Siwon, although we're in different divisions, it looks like we're going to be become best friends."

Excuse me as I wipe my tears *sniffle*. TVXQ's Changmin and Super Junior's Siwon enlisted for their mandatory military service on November 19th in the presence of close loved ones.

Are you missing Changming and Siwon already?

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