TVXQ's Yunho Writes to His Fans After Enlisting for Military Service

Sensitive Artist, July 21, 2015, 10:13 a.m.

TVXQ's Yunho wrote a handwritten letter to his fans after having officially enlisted as an active duty soldier in the army. Yunho posted the personal handwritten letter to SMTOWN's official homepage on July 21st, reminding his fans that they are still in his thoughts.

The letter read: "I'm finally enlisting. When you see this letter, I'll already be in the army, receiving training, right? Right now, I'm sitting here writing this letter after meeting with friends and people I know. We really spent some tough days, joyful days, and had happy times together, but this time is already here. When I look back on how I was a student and that I'm going to the army now (I guess because I'm 30?), I feel I have a lot to apologize for."

"I wanted to greet you all before I enlist, but I wanted to mature as not U-Know Yunho but as Jung Yunho. I wanted to return to how I was when I first started my dream of becoming an artist, so I made my enlistment time and location private. I thought I'd become weak if I saw all your faces."

"I've always worked hard in my own style, but I promise to return as a more strong and deep monster when I return from the army. Thank you so much for always cheering me on. Please cheer me on in the future as well. Let's meet again as I promise to get on stage again. I love you."

After being in training camp for five weeks, Yunho will begin his 21 months of duty as an active duty soldier. He will be discharged in April of 2017. You heard it here at!

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