TVXQ's Yunho's Japanese Fans Make Generous Donation to the Underprivileged of Gwangju!

Anna Park, Sept. 15, 2015, 11:12 a.m.

TVXQ's Yunho's fans are the sweetest! It was recently revealed that Yunho's Japanese fans have been following in his footsteps and donating to his hometown of Gwangju for the past five years. On September 14th, the Gwangju Community Chest shared that Yunho's Japanese fan site 'Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One' made a generous donation!

The organization disclosed that Yunho's Japanese fans donated 500 kilograms of rice worth about 1,500,000 KRW - an estimated $1,270 USD! 'Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One' has been donating to the underprivileged students of Gwangju on Yunho's birthday since 2011. The fan site has been making doantions in the form of scholarships continuously throughout the years, along with donations of rice and CDs. Their five years of donations total to an estimated 84,000,000 KRW, which is approximately $71,000 USD.

The Gwangju Community Chest also shared a portion of an email exchanged between the organization and the fan site, in which the latter stated, "We know of Yunho's love for his hometown better than anyone else, with everything he's done from his choice to have his last public performance before his official enlistment last July at the Gwangju Summer Universiade, his becoming the Gwangju Biennale ambassador in 2013, and overall, his donations to the city."

Yunho's Japanese fan site also discussed the intent behind their warm gestures, stating, "We wanted to contribute, if only just a bit, to Yunho's warm heart in volunteering and donating to the welfare facilities in Gwangju, despite his hectic schedule."

The fan club's 500 kg donation of rice will be delivered to the single mother families and seniors living alone in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju. Aw, how sweet!

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