TWICE shows their strong bond after catching Jeongyeon's secret self-cam in 'TWICE TV'

Jun Ko, Dec. 19, 2018, 11:42 a.m.

For the 14th episode of 'TWICE TV' (released on December 18th), TWICE's Jeongyeon went shopping with her older sister Gong Seung Yeon to get gifts for her members in light of their 3rd anniversary. After much deliberation, she ended up choosing a simple but elegant black necklace for her members (as well as her sister). She shared in her self-cam (that was filmed in early October) that she kept the necklaces a secret from her members as she wanted to present them at their fanmeeting in October. 

She continued her self-cam by stating how she gained strength from her members, but ended up unable to continue on after being overcome with tears. After taking a moment to compose herself, she explained how they were currently on their Japan arena tour, but had to return back to Korea in order to film their comeback MV and have their comeback photoshoot. 

Upon the release of the 14th episode, TWICE took to their official Instagram to give their reactions to Jeongyeon's self-cam: "Why are you crying... Making us worry like that. We love you and thank you. We love all nine members of TWICE and we love all of ONCE. Let's all be healthy and go on like this forever. Love you again. #Dontcry #Hyung."

Additionally, Sana released her own video on their official Instagram: "Crying all by yourself and filming video letters, all while promoting 'YES or YES'. Ah, really... I didn't think that I would be crying at this hour, but because of somebody... Jeongyeon, I'm always thankful to have you and TWICE, I love you. Everyone with swollen eyes tomorrow, blame Jeongyeon. Nonetheless! ONCE, have your expectations high!"

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