Twice Tzuyu wants kisses for Christmas

Su Jin Jang, Dec. 21, 2016, 10:04 a.m.

Twice member Tzuyu took to the V app on Tuesday for an intimate live chat with the group‘s fan club, Once. Tzuyu explained to fans that she wanted to thank them for voting and nominating Twice for the awards they received at the recent Mnet Asian Music Awards. She said she felt truly appreciated and loved and wanted to give back to the fans. 

She proceeded to read comments and answer fans’ questions. She also talked about Twice‘s recent activities, such as her recent shoot for a commercial.

Tzuyu then hinted that fans will be able to spend time with the group on Christmas. She did not give specifics, but did reveal that the group is currently preparing something special. 

She then promised fans that she will do another live broadcast by herself, assuring them she doesn’t break promises. 

When she was asked what she wanted for Christmas, she shyly said she wanted kisses from the other Twice members.

Girl group Gugudan broadcast live via the V app while they made Christmas cards, Tuesday.

The band could be seen cutting and sticking pieces of paper together as they designed their Christmas cards. 

Most of them were concentrating hard as they made cute and colorful cards, but Nayoung had a creativity block and was just watching others. She confessed she was jealous of the cute card ideas her bandmates had thought of. 

While making the cards, the girl group had everyday conversations about their recent activities and their favorite childhood TV shows. 

After making the cards, Gugudan thanked fans for watching and sang a short Christmas carol. They gave a closing comment and expressed their gratitude for having fans that they can make cards for. 

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