TWICE’s Dahyun faces the wrath of K-netz for adorable ‘TT’ dance clips

Anna Park, Nov. 3, 2016, 10:07 a.m.

TWICE’s Dahyun has been facing some intense online criticism from Korean netizens as clips of her adorable dance moves from ‘TT’ have been sprouting up on the web! The clips in question show Dahyun showcasing her particular focal dance moves to the lyrics “You’re so mean, you’re so mean”.

Dahyun is full of aegyo as she executes the pouty moves, then looks very shy and embarrassed afterward. Although many people have fallen in love with this particular choreography by Dahyun, there has been some negative feedback as well.

Some netizens had harsh criticism for the young artist, stating that they’re tired of seeing her clips and that she’s trying too hard. In particular, netizens point out that Dahyun “acts” embarrassed after filming the clip, yet she’s filmed the same dance moves four times already in separate videos.

Boo, K-netz. We love Dahyun’s adorable moves, don’t you?

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