Twice’s Momo, Sana and Jihyo on the meaning of ‘30’

Su Jin Jang, Feb. 1, 2017, 9:36 a.m.

Twice’s Momo, Sana and Jihyo went on a late-night mission in the V app video released Tuesday. The girls were challenged to carry out a quest given by a mysterious man they encountered inside a park. The man’s only hint was, “Do as I do.” He demonstrated a twirl once, then held up a paper scroll that had number “30” on it. 

Momo, who claims to be one of the best dancers of Twice, immediately began to turn on her heels 30 times. The man called her try a failure, leaving the girls perplexed as to what rules they had to follow. 

They could not figure out if they had to turn 30 times without pausing at all, or if the three of them had to turn together at the same time, or if they had to turn for 30 seconds.

Jihyo was the one who solved the mission in the end. She turned 30 times without stopping and finished with a decisive stomp, perfectly mirroring the man’s moves.

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