Twin Singers Tasty Battle it Out in Court with SM C&C for Contract Termination

Kyongeun Park, March 17, 2016, 9:49 a.m.

If you recall last July, Woollim Entertainment’s twin singing duo Tasty abruptly made an announcement to put a pause on all of their activities in Korea, which catapulted the artists into a legal battle with their agency, who claimed they had made the sudden decision without consulting them first.

This issue slowly continued to snowball as Tasty refuted Woollim Entertainment’s claims, pushing them to file a lawsuit with the music label in an attempt to terminate their exclusive contract. Now, it seems the boys are finally battling it out in court with not just Woollim Entertainment, but its parent company SM C&C as well. On March 17th, representatives of both Tasty and SM C&C met for their first hearing at the Seoul Central District Court.

Tasty’s attorney asserted, “The plaintiff argues that the exclusive contract itself is invalid. The defendant, SM C&C, failed to balance accounts and treated [Tasty] unfairly. The plaintiff has requested for the termination of their exclusive contracts on the grounds of unfair treatment and discrimination compared to other artists [under the same company].”

The representative of SM C&C countered, “We established and balanced accounts according to the rules set for standard exclusive contracts. It’s impossible to accept that they unilaterally stated their contract is invalid. In the case of imbalance in accounting, it’s not that the artists were not paid, but rather that their margin was smaller than how much was invested into them. If a label’s artist does not profit, then it is a loss for the company, so there is no reason to treat them unfairly. The plaintiff’s claim itself is unfair because there is no valid reason to terminate the exclusive contract.”

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