[Twitter Roundup] Teen Top, EXO, SJ-M Henry, and More Enjoy the Sun at Idol Olympics and More

, Sept. 4, 2013, 3:02 p.m.

[Twitter Roundup] Teen Top, EXO, SJ-M Henry, and More Enjoy the Sun at Idol Olympics and More

2013.09.03 18:04

There was so much going on as our stars had a field day (literally) in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Together with actor Song Jae Rim, BoA posted on her Instagram, “Why are we together? Who knows? I might find Jang Tae San….what am I saying Keke. Looking Forward to Romance keke. Oppa, the next time we meet, please gain some weight on your face. Haha. Good work. ^^”

Teen Top’s Changjo was feeling cute on September 2, tweeting, “Receive my cuteness! - - I reject your rejection. Keke”

Greeting fans for the first in a long time, CN Blue’s Minhyuk wrote, “Everyone~! It’s Min Hyuk. This time, we are leaving for Guangzhou for the world tour! The weather has gotten so cool~ Now I can sleep easily with the window open. You know at times like this, you have to be care of catching a cold, right? The sun is still hot, so take care of your bodies! See u again.”

Still feeling the aftermath of G-Dragon’s awesome concert, 2NE1’s Sandara Park tweeted, “Best driver Dara at the rehearsal of GD’s One of a Kind concert. Nice car!!”

While Sandara Park was driving, Minzy was playing with dolls. She tweeted, “Wow ^^ Pretty Barbies transformed into 2NE1!”

Slowly making himself back into the spotlight, Super Junior’s Hee Chul appeared on two radio shows. 

Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio tweeted, “Class is forever! The golden face of the galaxy’s super star that makes the atmosphere explode with just one glance >_<. Meet him right now!”

SimSimTaPa also tweeted, “A cosmic legend broadcast that exploded mindlessly with the galaxy’s superstar Hee-nim!! Kim Hee Chul for sure!!!”

2PM’s Taecyeon had a rush of emotions as he met the legend, Cho Yong Pil. He tweeted an autographed album, saying, “Teacher Cho Yong Pil. TT TT It was already such a great honor being able to sing with you. TT TT Thank you TT TT.”

Meanwhile, a load of idols were participating in the Idol Athletics Championship

Teen Top’s L.Joe took a picture with 100%’s Minwoo as they chilled under an umbrella away from the bright sun. 

There must have been a long waiting time as L.Joe continued to mass tweet. 

He tweeted, “Pokemon Niel.”

And “Fresh,” referring to an adorable C.A.P with bubbles.

….which C.A.P later blew in Niel’s Face. 

While L.Joe was busy taking pictures of the members, Chunji spent his good time, taking pictures of the fans that showed up. 

He tweeted, “One shot of our Angels,” and “Angel cut 2.”

Super Junior-M’s Henry was also on the field, with EXO’s Suho. 

He tweeted, “EXO Fighting!! Suho jjang jjang man!”

He later added, “Archery go go go!! Sexy Kris!”

Infinite’s Sung Jong celebrated his birthday on the field, tweeting, “Inspirit, I love you.”

Happiest birthday to the maknae!

Nine Muses’ Sera also tweeted, a photo with her members and also ZE:A’s Min Woo and Kevin, “It’s so blue. Idol Olympics!

Also hiding under the umbrella with Fei, miss A’s Jia wrote on her Weibo, “Idol Athletics Championship. This time it’s huge! I hope no one gets hurt. Please cheer us on!” 

Photo Credit: All above stars’ SNS

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