[OP-ED] Two Malaysians Went to South Korea for a Dream Vacation, but Got Deported Instead!

Jay Yim, Nov. 20, 2019, 3:09 p.m.

There was news surfacing around about how these two Malaysian guys, Muhammad Shaifuddin Muhammad Ab Haqqi Eng, 24, and Hasyemi Abdullah, 26, who went to South Korea for avacation, only to be sent back to Malaysia after spending about seven hours at the airport in Incheon.

So apparently the two traveled to South Korea after a long-awaited dream vacation, along with another friend, Fadhli Maimun, 25. But, the for some reason, the first two friends got stopped at the immigration counter. The immigration officer took their passports and started to question them. On top of that, they were asked to show their return tickets and itinerary, but Shaifuddin and Hasyemi did not print either. They only had the documents in their phones, and tried to explain their situation, but the office refused to listen to them.

Unfortunately, they were detained for seven hours, not even being allowed to use the toilet, and were deported back to Malaysia, and their dream trip was short lived. There was no news or update on why the third friend was not detained and sent back.

As I was reading this, I had a mix of emotions. One way I looked at it was that the officer was showing discrimination, or being racist. But on the other hand, they two Malaysian guys did not have physical proof of their documents, and I've had experiences where even though it is the official document, they only accept the physical one.

Furthermore, I don't know why the third friend wasn't detained. It said that he has been to South Korea before, and had no issues at the immigration center, so maybe he just knew what to do. But if you look at it that way, then the officer being racist or discriminatory doesn't really add up because Maimun was also Malaysian, so what's the story behind this?!

I hope that there will be more news or an update on the situtation of the third guy and why the immigration officers in South Korea decided to send two of them back to Malaysia, but not the third friend.

Once an update comes out, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated.

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