U-KISS’ Eli Set To Take Legal Measures For The Harassment Of Himself, Wife, And Child

Nicole Han, May 30, 2017, 10:30 a.m.

Can online harassers just stop!? Recently U-KISS has been fed up with the constant malicious comments that are spread on the internet regarding himself, his wife, and also his child! The KPOP superstar has agreed to take a strong pursuit against these negative online comments. In an official announcement made by Eli’s agency, the harassment took in forms of insults, absurd rumors, and also sexual harassment. The company then further proceeded to explain that the malicious comments were not only aimed at the KPOP star, however it further spread to his child as well as his wife.

Most of you might remember Eli for his appearance on the family oriented program ‘Mr. House Husband’, in which all of his family appear as regulars. Next month, Eli and his wife Ji Yeon Soo are set to hold an official wedding ceremony, although they have been married secretly to one another for three years.

Please stop the harassment.

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