U-KISS’ Eli’s Parents Reveal Their Stance On Their Son’s Marriage

Olivia Jung, March 15, 2017, 3:53 p.m.

Recently, U-KISS’ Eli’s parents were featured on an interview for KBS’ ‘Mr. House Husband’. In this episode of the variety show, Eli and his significant other visited his parents’ house in the United States. This was actually the first time the couple visited Eli’s parents after getting married. It seemed like a lively mood, some might even say that it was quality family time spent with one another. However, during a segment of the show, Eli stated that his parents must’ve been really sad that Eli went on and registered for a marriage without the knowledge of his parents.

His mother responded that they were initially sad. However, at the end of the day, Eli’s still her son and she had to respect the decision that he made. On the other hand, his father did not want to see Eli’s wife at all. However, with time, everything heals.

Eli’s father changed his mind after a phone call with Eli, when Eli was performing for a concert in Japan. His father said “I love you” to his son, and Eli responded that he loved his wife. His father felt like there could be a rift in their relationship, so he decided to forgive his son.

His parents were really upset in the beginning, however they have decided to accept Eli’s decision.

Family means everything.

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