UEE and Lee Seo Jin Brave Harsh Weather to Film the Perfect Kissing Scene

David Song, April 20, 2016, 10:17 a.m.

Being an actor isn’t easy it seems, as UEE and Lee Seo Jin braved some harsh weather in order to film the perfect kissing scene! The set was full of cold, strong winds which came from the sea. The weather report was slightly incorrect it seemed, and the “Marriage Contract” production crew apparently was unlucky this time around with the weather.


Even with the harsh winds, the staff did everything they could to film on schedule, and did everything that they possibly could to create better filming conditions such as trying to wait for the wind to die down in their tents, using chairs to block the end, and more.

Even with all of the problematic weather conditions, the staff and cast of “Marriage Contract” ended up filming their perfect kiss scene, showing that determination and hard work can overcome all. Check out all of their hard work in the video below!

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