UEE and Lee Yo Won Face Off in Stills for ‘Illumination’ Drama

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 10, 2016, 9:20 a.m.

The upcoming MBC drama ‘Illumination’ has just revealed some stills featuring UEE and Lee Yo Won, and the intensity will leap out at you! The two give each other the cold shoulder it seems, as the rich and heartless character Seo Yi Kyung (played by Lee Yo Won) encounters the poor but ambitious Lee Sae Jin (played by UEE) at a charity auction.


The stills show the two immediately having some very intense energy as they stare daggers at one another, giving some insight on one of the major iconic scenes that the two will share. The chemistry between the two is unbelievable, and we’re excited to see just how well they do in the drama! ‘Illumination’ is currently scheduled to air starting on November 21st.

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