UNIQ's Yixuan Exudes Charisma in Teaser Photo for 'EOEO'

thekatsmeow, April 20, 2015, 10:53 a.m.

With their comeback for 'EOEO' only a few days away, UNIQ released their next teaser image for member Yixuan! The once boy-next-door image-donning members are now back with a manlier concept, leaving girls swooning for more! In the teaser image released, Yixuan looks broodingly into the camera, sweeping the ladies off their feet with his fierce eyes!

The boy group member displayed a different, sexier image of himself, melting women's hearts with his gaze and charismatic lip-bite. Can't get enough? Make sure to watch out for the release of their mini-album on April 24th!

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