Unit Black talks about their purpose

Mia Lee, May 1, 2017, 9:56 a.m.

BOYS24's subunit, Unit Black has a purpose- they wasnt to make BOYS24 known worldwide. Unit Black is composed of seven members from BOYS24 and they made their debut with "Steal Your Heart" on April 11. They managed to do fairly well by landing on the eighth spot on the "M!Countdown" charts.

Unit black is the first promotional group for BOYS24 and there will be a seond and third promotional unit in the future. However, the subunit maintains that their sole purpose is to promote BOYS24 to the public. Jinseok said, “The reason Unit Black exists and the biggest purpose of Unit Black is to promote BOYS24. If we do well, all of BOYS24 will do well, and when we make our official debut, we’ll be shining even brighter. For that to happen, as Unit Black, we have to do our best in everything, not only music shows.”

Even though there are divided into subunits and were forced to compete with one another, the members do not feel like it is a rivalry. As one of the members Youngdoo explained, "BOYS24 has a unit system, and we all live together, so it doesn’t feel like we’re competing against each other. We’re all working hard to become more polished people, and it’s more like we’re all walking together towards that goal.” Inho agreed, saying, “It’s about survival, but I don’t want to bring anyone down so that I can survive. Rather than that, I want to combine our strengths to create synergy.”

Unit Black is also not afraid to test the waters and try new things. Hyunk expressed,"“I want to star in variety shows, not just music shows. In my case, I like sports so I want to go on ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ and ‘Problematic Men.’ It’s not just me though. All of the BOYS24 members are very talented and have various skills. I hope we’ll get many opportunities to show them on variety show."

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