United States Government Issues Penalty to Asiana Airlines for Lack of Assistance to Victims

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Feb. 25, 2014, 6:07 p.m.

The U.S. government has officially stated that Korea's Asiana Airlines is to pay a $500,000 penalty fee for not addressing the issues regarding the families of the passengers who were on the plane that crashed on July 6, 2013 at the San Francisco International Airport.

This will mark the first time in history that the United States Department of Transportation has issued a fine such as this.

Among the casualties were three dead, and 180 injured after Asiana Flight 214 clipped a seawall during its landing phase.

The fine was announced on Tuesday, February 25th.  Transportation officials stated that Asiana's response time was inadequate, and that they "failed to commit sufficient resources to carry out its family assistance plan".

The statement also noted that Asiana has taken two full days to successfully contact about 75% of the families involved, and that some families were not contacted until an entire five days after the day of the crash.

Also noted was that Asiana Airlines did not have enough interpreters and manpower to resolve the situation quickly, as they are bound to keep under the 1997 Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act.  The airline company also did not establish a crisis phone line until a full day after the crash.

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