University Bomb Suspect 'Copied Terror Attack in Russia'

Angela Jung, June 15, 2017, 9:48 a.m.

Police on Wednesday sought an arrest warrant for a graduate student at Yonsei University who is accused of parcel-bombing his professor. The suspect reportedly told police that the professor, who was his supervisor, had scolded him over his thesis. "We're investigating what precisely motivated him," police said. A fellow student said the suspect, identified as Kim, "was usually reticent," and the professor "is a rational person" but "meticulous when he examines his students' theses."

Kim told police that he had planned the attack after seeing a recent bombing attack in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the St. Petersburg attack, an improvised explosive device packed with steel scrap, glass shards and ball bearings blew up in a subway car, killing 14 people and injuring about 50 others.

Kim made an improvised explosive device with a cocktail shaker packed with gunpowder and bolts and installed a detonator and a trigger on the outside.

Kim had visited St. Petersburg with other students on May 13-22 for a short-term training program sponsored by a Russian academic organization.

Kim told police that he had made the device with his own expertise without using online instructions because they are mostly for more powerful explosives. He bought gunpowder from a stationery shop and stole bolts and the cocktail shaker from the school lab.

Kim have arrived at the lab to work at 3 a.m. Tuesday, and returned home after leaving the IED in front of his professor's office around 7:40 a.m. He told police that he went to the lab in the early morning to create an alibi. 

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