'Unpretty Rapstar 2' Unveils Four More Cast Members!

thekatsmeow, Aug. 24, 2015, 9:38 a.m.

'Unpretty Rapstar 2' has unveiled four more rappers for their lineup - three underground artists and a YG trainee! Previously, it was revealed that SISTAR's Hyorin, Fiestar's Yezi, Wonder Girls' Yubin, Gilme, KittyB, Kasper, and Ahn Soo Min were confirmed for the second season of the hit show.

Underground rappers ASH-B, Truedy, and Heize have now been confirmed for the show, as well as YG Entertainment tarinee Moon Suah, a 16 year old force to be reckoned with! Audiences are a bit more familiar with rappers ASH-B and Heize, who recently made their debut, with ASH-B releasing her mini album 'Who Here' in September of 2014 and Heize dropping her newest track 'My Boyfriend Says Thank You' in the earlier half of this year.

However, Truedy is a bit more underground than the other rapstresses, leaving fans curious as to how good she is. Many have even commented that she looks like a second generation Yoon Mirae, but will her skills be up to par with the hip hop legend?

'Unpretty Rapstar 2' is set to air September 11th! Who are you most excited to see?

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