UP10TION Releases New Dance Version Music Video for “Catch Me!”

Ben Cho, Dec. 11, 2015, 9:19 a.m.

UP10TION has just released the dance practice music video for their latest track, “Catch Me!” The track is the boys’ opportunity to really showcase their skills and style, and they do exactly that with their carefully choreographed dance moves in the video. The song “Catch Me!” is the title track for UP10TION’s second mini-album “BRAVO!”, and their choreography is something that should receive a lot of praise.


The group UP10TION first made their debut on September 11th, 2015. UP10TION is a 10 member boy group set to debut out of TOP Media - home to Teen Top, 100% and Andy of Shinhwa. Rumors about the trainees surfaced as early as 2012/13 but nothing significant until 2014. During 2015 it was announced TOP Media planned to debut a new group. On July 19th 2015 TOP Media announced their new group UP10TION. They also announced that some of the members would be released through a web show called ‘Masked Rookie Competition’ and a TV show called ‘RISING! UP10TION’ which will follow their preparations for their Chinese showcase.

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