Upcoming MBC Drama ‘Thief, Thief’ Reveals Teasers with Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Hyo Kyung Kim, April 12, 2017, 8:18 a.m.

The upcoming MBC drama Thief, Thief has revealed an image teaser of the cast which featured  Girls’ Generation member Seohyun , Ji Hyun Woo and more.  The drama's production company revealed a 3-tiered photo showing the growth of the male lead Jang Dol Mok (Ji Hyun Woo) and female lead Kang So Joo (Seohyun) via SNS. Child actor Heo Joon Woo and actress Kim Ah In have been selected to play the 4-year-old versions of the two leads, while child actor Kim Kang Hoon and actress Moon So Hee will be playing the 10-year-olds. 

"Thieves and Thieves " is a special program drama of the weekend of cultural broadcasting scheduled to be broadcasted in May 2017 . The drama is about the story of the thieves who criticize the power of veterans who control South Korea and stars Seohyun, Ji Hyun Woo, Lim Jae Eun, Kim Ji Hoon and more!

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