[K-POP] JYP Entertainment Announces Plans to Start Travel Agency 'One JYP' and Also 4 New Group Debuts

Maximiliano VCHK, Sept. 12, 2013, 2:59 p.m.

CEO Jung Wook of JYP Entertainment held a business conference today, on September 12, 2013, stating their intent to branch out into different industries outside of music.

"Until we became 'One JYP' with the merger of JYP Entertainment and JYP, we've been focusing on making good music and artist management... With the merger, starting from this year and on, we plan to branch out into performances, actor management, movies, musicals, drama production, as well as travel business," he stated. 

JYP Entertainment's expansion into other industries has not come as a surprise however, since companies such as SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have already begun to do so.

YG Entertainment has branched into the animation and movie industry, and has already launched a three dimensional hologram project together with Everland.  SM Entertainment decided to branch into different production, mobile, and travel endeavors through the name SM C&C.

JYP Entertainment representatives have shown their excitement for the company's new direction, stating that "If you look at entertainment companies that have already started up a travel business, the sales from fan tours make up quite a big portion."

This could be huge news for fans of JYP Entertainment, as this will give them access to travel packages and fan tours that will undoubtedly allow them to interact with their favorite JYP Entertainment artists even more.

[Update] - Beyond simply branching out, JYP Entertainment has also announced to their fans that they can expect 3 or 4 new groups to make a debut into the limelight.  Circulated rumors state that two of these groups are male, and a third is a female group.  Additional rumors have stated that there may be a male group comprised of Japanese members which will specifically target the Japanese market.

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