U.S. House Passes Bill Acknowledging Imperial Japanese Comfort Women Issues

D-Bo, Jan. 20, 2014, 2:58 p.m.

The United States House has moved forward with their efforts to acknowledge Imperial Japan’s use comfort women during World War II.  The senate passed a spending bill on Thursday, with an attachment urging Japan to acknowledge the issue, and apologize to the respected countries of the victims. Japan forced these comfort women to act as sexual slaves for soldiers during the war.

The attachment on House Resolution 121 of 2007, although non-binding, "urges the secretary of state to encourage the government of Japan to address the issues raised in the resolution." The resolution urges the Japanese government to apologize and admit their wrongdoing’s during these harsh times.

This attachment is the first of its kind, and was signed off by President Barack Obama this past Friday, putting the bill into effect.  President Barack Obama signed the bill into effect on Friday.

Representative Steve Israel and Mike Honda, the main backbone to the attachment, urge Japan to "acknowledge and apologize" for the mayhem. 

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