USA Company to Produce Olympic Attire

D-Bo, Feb. 6, 2014, 12:14 p.m.

We are only a day away from the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympics this year, and Team USA will be marching down the stadium representing their “Made in USA” quirky sweaters.

The United States Olympic Committee was frowned upon when reports in 2012 indicated that the USA uniforms were ‘Made in China.” Since the uproar that arose in 2012, the committee has gone ahead and commissioned Ralph Lauren for the new uniforms, an American based company. Ralph Lauren has went ahead and commissioned “Ball of Cotton,” a knitwear manufacturer & distributer in California, to finish the job.

These now sold-out sweaters were retailing for almost $600! The company spent about 12 hours on each sweater, and designated roughly 50 employees to this task. Ball of Cotton produced about 650 of these sweaters.

Eddie and Elizabeth Park, owners of Ball of Cotton, are very happy with their end product.  “Finally, we did ‘Made in the USA,’” Eddie informed CBS Los Angeles. “When I see them on the TV, I think I’m going to scream, ‘USA! “I’m really proud of what I did.. All my employees really appreciate that Ralph Lauren gave us the opportunity to make a USA Olympic sweater.”

The couple emigrated to the Untied Stats from South Korea over decades ago, and are both now naturalized U.S. citizens, along with their 2 adult sons.

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