[V APP] Check out Lee Dong Wook, Tzuyu of Twice, and Youngjae of BAP's V Live!

James Han, March 13, 2017, 10:22 a.m.

Lee Dong-wook 

Actor Lee Dong-wook held his first Asia fan meeting tour, titled “For My Dear,” at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul on Sunday. The event was broadcasted via Naver’s V app live. “It is my first fan meeting in six years since the last one I had with Korean fans in 2011. All the seats are sold out (for today’s event). Thank you so much,” Lee said to fans.


He said he had five meetings with his staff to prepare for the event. They did not hire an emcee because he felt that fans were there to meet him and not others. 
“I will be the guest, the emcee and sing and do everything here today,” he said, greeting fans. 

Lee, who recently starred in tvN’s drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” told a behind-the-scenes story from the show.

“I was crying the whole time when I was shooting episodes 12 and 13. But the difficult part was that each time there had to be a different cause for the crying. I had to think (of how) to make the slight changes in acting,” he said. 

He also revealed the type of person he is attracted to. “I like someone who eats well and has wise eyes,” he said. 

From April, the 35-year-old actor will visit other Asian countries. 

Tzuyu of TWICE 

Tzuyu of girl group Twice was part of Sunday’s lineup on the V app 

During a broadcast, she made the Korean dishes kimbab and ramen.

Looking tense, she said she was nervous to be cooking in front of so many viewers. 

“I often cooked fried eggs before I debuted. To tell you the truth, I am not very good at cooking,” she said. 

A frying pan fell off the table and the stove went out of order, but Tzuyu still did not give up and successfully made the two dishes. 

He fans encouraged her and complimented her on her looks. 

Youngjae of B.A.P

Youngjae of boy group B.A.P appeared on Naver’s V app live to mark the idol group’s fifth anniversary and talk about the new year with fans.

He appeared in his room, lying down on a bed to greet viewers in a comfortable manner.

“This year is B.A.P’s fifth anniversary. I have a lot of great memories (with the group members),” the 23-year-old member said. “The members are always working hard to improve. I was always encouraged by them.”

For the day’s broadcast, Youngjae talked about the year 2017 and turned on songs from the group’s new album released last week, “Rose.”

The first song was “Wake Me Up,” which he described as a song through which the members showed different sides to themselves.

“This song was not the title song at first, but we talked a lot and decided that we could show some other charms of our members with this song,” he said.

The idol also revealed the kind of keywords he wanted to see when people typed in his name on online search engines.

The five words were: “B.A.P’s Youngjae,” “Youngjae’s solo piece,” “B.A.P’s commercial ad,” “B.A.P’s fanlove” and “Youngjae’s sexy clip.”

He then turned on the next song, “Diamond 4 Ya.”

“All the members like this song because it is sexy,” Youngjae said, wrapping up the show by wishing fans good night.

The group debuted on Jan. 26 in 2012 with the EP “Warrior.”

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