[V Report] BTS’ Jungkook succeeds in painful jump rope game

Tina Yoon , May 10, 2017, 10:22 a.m.

Broadcast date: May 9
Starring: BTS, NCT, DAY6, Kwon Jeong-yeol of 10cm and Ko Young-bae of Soran


BTS on Tuesday played games based on the theme of “classic film soundtracks” in a broadcast titled “BTS Gayo” via Naver's V app.

The first soundtrack presented to the members was the theme music of the movie “Rocky.”

For the first round, the seven-member boy group had to jump rope on a massage board in teams of two.
Jungkook succeeded in jumping rope 26 times and clinched first place among the members, which led his team to win the game.

“Are your soles also made of muscles?” asked Jin with astonishment.

In the second game, the members had to touch body parts of other members with their eyes closed and find their teammates. 

After touching Rap Monster’s elbow, Jungkook guessed who it belonged to at once. 

Jimin touched members’ necks but failed to find his teammate Jin. 
The final losers were Jin and Jimin, who were made to act out a short sketch about “farts” that other members had improvised for them as a penalty. 

NCT and DAY6

K-pop groups NCT and DAY6 on Tuesday broadcast a recording session of the radio program “NCT’s Night Night!” live via Naver V app. “I’m very slow at reading Korean,” said Jae, who was worried about reading the script. Johnny of NCT tried to encourage him by telling Jae, “It’s OK.”
Jae, who is from Los Angeles, was overjoyed to learn that Johnny is from Chicago.

A fan asked DAY6, which holds a concert every month, whether its members could share any memorable moments.

“Woo-young of 2PM came over to play, and it was so fun. We think the concert when he came seems to be special,” answered the members.

DAY6 and NCT also set up a scenario in which their members had to act out proposals. 

Wonpil came up with a powerful proposal, “Do you see the helicopter, baby? Do you see a castle back there? It’s all yours.”

Dowoon proposed by saying, “Mommy told me to get married at the age of 35. Could you wait a little while? I like you.”

When Jae proposed in English, his fans reacted by saying, “I should study English,” which made other members laugh.

Kwon Jeong-yeol of 10cm and Ko Young-bae of Soran

Kwon Jeong-yeol of indie band 10cm and Ko Young-bae of Soran shared their drinking habits through a live broadcast on Naver on Tuesday. The two claimed they actually didn’t have much to say about their drinking habits because they are not good drinkers.
“I think I’m cute when I get drunk because I laugh a lot and tell fun stories,” said Ko.

Kwon disagreed with him immediately, asking Ko if he really thought he was cute. He insisted Ko’s voice becomes louder when he is drunk.

“If you are talking about those with a ‘loud voice,’ Bae In-hyuk of Romantic Punch is worse,” said Ko. “When we talk about secrets or shameful (situations), he talks about it very loudly.”

Kwon also told viewers that he is preparing for another album, but was unsure when it would be released.
Ko announced his new track would be unveiled in June, adding it would be as good as the track “Studying you,” which was released in January.

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