[V Report] GOT7's Jackson Cooks, WINNER Teases, and Kim Do Yeon Interacts Behind The Scenes!

Yoona Choi, April 3, 2017, 10:33 a.m.

GOT7’s Jackson took to the V app Saturday to show off his cooking skills. “I’ll make something called, ‘Dig In, GOT7,’” he said. “This is my very first time turning on the stove in my life.” The artist first grilled some pork then drained the oil. He next added two cans of beer. 

“You might think ‘why I am wasting beer?’” he said. “It’s because my mom told me to do so.”

Jackson poured in soy sauce as well and boiled it down, which was the last step.

He was highly pleased by the taste and made his manager and staff members taste it.

His manager said that the food didn’t taste too bad, which upset Jackson, who replied, “You can’t even get this at a restaurant.”

Jackson finished by virtually feeding the viewers. 


Winner released a music video teaser for upcoming song “Fool” via the Naver V app Saturday.

“Fool” is the second single from the group’s new album “Fate Number For,” which is slated for release April 4.

In the video, the band dressed in pure white shirts, exuding a gentle but mysterious vibe.

The soothing and melodious song “Fool” showed a mood in contrast to the previously released song “Really Really,” which was released Friday.

Winner’s leader Kang Seung-yoon participated in writing the song “Fool,” including the lyrics.

The group debuted in 2014 with an album titled, “2014 S/S.” The boy band has enjoyed high popularity with its lead tracks “Empty” and “Don’t Flirt” from the previous album.

Winner will return to the stage as a four-piece unit, as Nam Tae-hyun left the group in November 2016, when his contract ended.

Winner is set to showcase its new songs via MBC’s “Show! Music Core” on Saturday. The group will meet V app viewers Tuesday by airing “Winner ‘Fate Number For’ Countdown Live,” ahead of its album release.

i-Teen Girls’ Kim Do-yeon

Kim Do-yeon did a Naver V app broadcast Saturday to meet viewers ahead of her debut in a new girl group.

Kim talked about her time in the US, where she went with fellow former I.O.I member Choi Yoo-jung, to prepare for their official debut in i-Teen Girls.

“I had a great time in the US. It was such a good experience for me to learn a lot,” the artist said.

She unveiled that i-Teen Girls filmed a variety show, which will air Friday.

During the 60-minute broadcast, she also talked about her role model and her dream as a child.

“I cannot name specific person as my role model,” Kim said. “There are so many things I can learn from people around me. So I just learn what I think I should learn from each of them.”

Kim said that her dream has changed a lot. “Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed singing and dancing. So I’ve dreamed to be a singer, but I wanted to be a makeup artist and hair designer as well.”

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