[V Report] Lovelyz explain ‘Now, We’

Tina Yoon , May 17, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

Broadcast date: May 16
Starring: Lovelyz, DIA, EXID 


V app’s “Arirang TV & Radio” channel Tuesday shared an interview clip with Lovelyz, who won first place in this week’s “The Show” music program with “Now, We.” In the released clip, the eight singers of Lovelyz shared highlights of “Now, We” that they hoped fans would notice and pay attention to.

“This is the dance song that has the fastest beats per minute among any Lovelyz song,” said Yein.

“Our dance routine is the best we have had so far. I hope you pay attention to our dance as you listen to the song,” said Jisoo. 

“Up until now, Lovelyz’s songs have all been about one-sided love from a girl’s perspective, but ‘Now, We’ has a happy ending. This is our first song where the girl gets the guy,” said Soojung. 

Also, the band revealed that the soap bubbles coming out of Jin’s mouth in the music video were computer graphics. 

Following the group’s win, Lovelyz will carry out a pledge they made to the fans to perform “Now, We” while donning costumes. 

“If we can’t do it on stage, we’ll film a video and show it,” said Baby Soul. 

The members of Lovelyz threw around ideas on what sort of costumes they would find. 

Baby Soul thought to dress up as the Joker and Jisoo as Deadpool. Others suggested Moomin, Lila Kuma and Snoopy for themselves.

Lovelyz’s win happened on the first day “The Show” had new hosts: P.O of Block B, Junghwa of EXID and Yeonwoo of Momoland.


DIA visited an academy in Noryangjin, Seoul, where they met with people studying to become police officers, in a V video released Tuesday. Noryangjin is an area in the capital where test-takers for South Korea’s civil servant exams gather to study. The area is packed with cram study centers and small and cheap rooms scantily furnished with a bed and a desk.

DIA passed around a microphone to offer supportive messages to the students. 

“We know it’s very difficult preparing for the police exam. We‘ll always support you all,” the group said.

Students at the academy took videos of DIA and tried to guess who the 21-year-old and 18-year-old members are in the nine-member group.

This clip was shared on the “V Pick!” channel. 

DIA is not the only girl group visiting students. Available to watch on the V app, Momoland is visiting high schools across the country to perform in a “School Attack” event designed in collaboration with mobile game “Tan: Endless Battleground.” 


EXID on Tuesday belatedly aired a V video encapsulating the final performances of the song “Night Rather Than Day” on major live music programs in Korea. The album “Eclipse,” containing the song, was the group’s first without Solji, who is taking time off to recover from an illness. 

EXID performed for “M! Countdown” on April 27, forming many hand gestures in heart shapes. 

The group also performed on “Music Bank” on April 28, accentuating thumbs-up gestures for the dance. 

The four singers were special hosts for their appearance on the May 2 edition of “The Show,” where they came out as top-prize winners. 

EXID also performed in “Show! Champion” on May 10 and “Show! Music Core” on Saturday.

For “Show! Music Core,” fans sent a van decked with a coffee brewing machine for EXID. 

The group said EXID will take some time off after “Eclipse” to relax and catch up on sleep. 

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