[V Report] NC.T reveals true personality in psychology test

Henry Kim, April 6, 2017, 9:40 a.m.

Broadcast date: April 5
Starring: IU, Apink, Pristin, Okdal, B1A4, Victon, Oh My Girl, NC.T, Fresh Girls 

Kicking off Naver V app’s Wednesday lineup was soloist NC.T with a near 1 ½ hourlong episode

“It’s been a long time,” said NC.T starting off the show. “The name of the show is called ‘Life Research,’ what do you think I mean by that?” 

To allow fans to learn more about her life in a deeper way, the singer decided to take a personality psychology test during the broadcast. She revealed what type of decisions she would make in hypothetical situations.

“I actually love taking personality tests, even the ones that can take up to 40 or 50 minutes,” she said, adding that she had not prepared in advance for the test she was taking during the broadcast, as the questions had been kept secret from her. 

Also part of Wednesday’s lineup was K-pop star IU, who released a short teaser clip, along with fellow artist Oh-hyuk, to promote the duo’s latest single, “Can’t Love You Anymore.”

In the clip IU asked Oh-hyuk to look into the camera, wave with two hands and say, “Please love our new song.” However, the two artists playfully butted heads with one another, as Oh-hyuk did not want to wave his hands while IU insisted he should. 

Meanwhile, Ten of rookie group NCT also released a short video teaser for his upcoming new track, “Dream in a Dream,” as part of S.M. Entertainment’s “Station” digital music channel. The agency first launched the channel last year and said that its artists would debut a new song every week for a year via the platform.

Indie music duo Fresh Girls also joined yesterday’s V app broadcasts.

They spent nearly an hour reading comments by viewers and talking with fans.

There was also a segment during which the duo played games and aired a number of rarely heard songs. Viewers who guessed the name of the song and singer first were awarded a prize.

“Congratulations to our winners. Email your name and address to us and we promise we will send you a special CD,” Fresh Girls said. 

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